The Wine of Life Lesley Egan

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The Wine of Life  by  Lesley Egan

The Wine of Life by Lesley Egan
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I dont know where this book came from. It was on my shelf and I was looking for a quick, light read. This completely satisfied in that respect.I was shocked this book was published in 1985. It read like something from 1965.

Maybe the author, Lesley Egan, still kept the viewpoint of women in the 60s or perhaps 1985 was much more conservative than I thought. The roles of women were really stereotypical: Housewife, spinster, secretary, cold-hearted career woman. One guess as to which of these women is happy and fulfilled.The Wine of Life also seems old-fashioned because it is a book that literally could not happen today.

Jesse Falkenstein is going on a genealogical quest to find the true heirs of Robert Kinsolving. It takes the whole book to track down main players. As I read I kept thinking how much easier this search would have been today, with so many resources online. Facebook alone would have taken out thirty pages.Lastly, so much of the writing was redundant. They find Robert Kinsolving dead, it looks like a suicide. Not only did she write every person this guy knew as saying he would have been the last person to commit such and act, but then over and over again, throughout the story, people have to say it again and again ...

and again! Its a mystery, Egan really didnt need to emphasize this aspect SO much.All-in-all, the writing was not very good, but I did enjoy the story!

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