Messenger of Death Robert F. (Bob) Turpin


Published: February 14th 2014



Messenger of Death  by  Robert F. (Bob) Turpin

Messenger of Death by Robert F. (Bob) Turpin
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Messenger of Death concerns an age-old Navajo Indian legend about the desert owl. The Navajo believed the owl, a night creature by nature, possessed strange powers making the holy man or medicine man very superstitious. The Navajo considered the hooting of the owl to be omens of things to come.

If an owl hooted once the Indians believed it to be a warning. If the owl hooted twice, the Indians believed that death was foreseen. Hosteen Huskaysezene, a Navajo outlaw who was considered cruel and mean, hungered for the love of the young and beautiful Navajo maiden, Atode L’ Lune. Huskaysezene, old and ugly, already had three wives. Atode refuses his advances. Crazy mad with his lust for the girl, he attacks her repeatedly, then drags her away with him to continue his assault.

Before the searchers begin the search for the girl the mystic owl sends an omen as to the outcome.

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